Booking Form

Once a charter has been confirmed, either over the phone or by email, we ask that you please complete the booking form. It is important to read our Privacy Notice and our Terms & Conditions (below) prior to completing the form.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Short stay mooring fees are the responsibility of the Charterer and need to be paid on the day. Failure to pay on the day may result in an additional charges being made
Day charters run from 0845 through to 1730 (1700 on Friday).
Max 10 guests onboard unless otherwise stated / agreed
Please indicate which of the above services you would like us to arrange. Prices are for 10 guests and are subject to VAT.

Terms & Conditions of Charter

Please read carefully the TERMS and CONDITIONS set out below as they make up part of the booking form. Any charter is conditional upon your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Bookings and Payment

Once a booking is made the booking form must be completed and returned to Alpha Yachting Ltd. A deposit for 25% of the charter fee is required for bookings made more than 12 weeks in advance.

An invoice for the full charter fee (with 25% deposit if applicable) will be issued at the time of booking. Full payment for the charter should be made to Alpha Yachting Ltd no later than 4 weeks before the date of charter.

In all cases full payment for the charter must be received by Alpha Yachting Ltd before any charter can commence.


In the event of a cancellation made by the Charterer within 4 weeks of the Charter a fee equivalent to 100% of the full Charter costs will apply. Cancellation made by the Charterer at any other time will incur a fee equivalent to 50% of the full Charter costs. Changes to the date of charter requested at any time are at the sole discretion of Alpha Yachting Ltd and may attract a fee.

Alpha Yachting Ltd reserves the right to cancel a Charter for any reason that is deemed to be beyond Alpha Yachting Ltd’s control, including weather conditions. In the event of such cancellation we shall immediately notify the Charterer and offer alternative dates for the Charter. In the event that an alternative date for the Charter cannot be agreed upon, the Charterer will be entitled to a full refund. No liability is accepted for any costs or expenses incurred by the Charterer in the event of cancellation by Alpha Yachting Ltd.

Alpha Yachting Ltd Obligations

 Alpha Yachting Ltd will exercise all reasonable care to see that any yacht and equipment it charters is in every respect in good order, and that yachts are fully equipped as per the inventory.

Alpha Yachting Ltd will use its best endeavours to deliver yachts (or suitable replacements) to the Charterer at the agreed time and place. If for any reason the yacht is not available at the agreed time and place, a pro-rata refund will made to the Charterer for the delay. If such delay exceeds 50% of the charter period, the Charterer will be entitled to a full refund. No liability is accepted for any costs or expenses incurred by the Charterer in this event.

Alpha Yachting Ltd will arrange all additional services as indicated on the booking form and ensure that a representative is contactable for advice and assistance at any time during the Charter period.

Any Skippered yacht chartered by Alpha Yachting Ltd will be approved for Charter under the terms of the MCA Code of Practice for Small Commercial Vessels. The Skipper will hold a minimum qualification of RYA Yacht Master Offshore with commercial endorsement.

Any Skippered yacht chartered by Alpha Yachting Ltd will be insured for the full value with third party liability cover of no less than £2,000,000 subject to a policy deductible no greater than £700. Competition Racing is not insured. An individual client of Alpha Yachting Ltd is not insured for loss of life or personal injury whilst onboard or near the insured vessel. In your own interests you are advised to ensure you carry adequate personal accident cover.

Alpha Yachting Ltd will have Public Liability Insurance of £5,000,000.

Charterer Obligations

The Charterer agrees to pay Alpha Yachting Ltd to charter yachts at the agreed rate and to pay the cost of all additional services as requested whether on the day or otherwise.

The Charterer accepts that in all cases on board the decision of the skipper is final.

The Charterer accepts that whilst every effort to put to sea will be made, no yacht will not leave the harbour if in the opinion of the skipper, weather or other conditions render it imprudent to do so.

The Charterer accepts that whilst every effort will be made to reach a preferred destination, it may not always be possible to do so.

The Charterer will be liable for any damage to a yacht or her equipment that is directly attributable to the Charterer or any member of his party, except where such damage is due to the Charterer or any member of his party acting under the instruction of the skipper, up to the limit of the policy deductible.

The Charterer will limit the number of persons in his party to not more than the number allowed onboard the yacht at any time as specified at the time of booking.